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Syndicate Standing bug

(XBOX)A Psycho Banana

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I am experiencing a bug with syndicate standing. When looking through my syndicate reputation, the overview screen (where all syndicates listed) shows my reputation with Perrin Sequence is at an appropriate level to advance, but when looking at the individual syndicate's page, it shows the lowest amount of rep. On the overview, it shows 0/-44000, but after going into the Perrin menu, it shows -44000/-44000. It will show that I am able to advance a rank, implying I have enough standing to do so, but it will not advance when I try to, and it will take the materials as if I made the sacrifice. I have tried redownloading my profile, reinstalling the game, and losing standing and regaining it, none of which have helped to resolve the issue. This is only happening with one syndicate. If anyone has any other ideas I could try, they would be appreciated.

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