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Octavia's 3 gives me a headache


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So right now the meta for Octavia is to build a spam crouch song and there are some pretty decent songs tied to spam crouch that let you basically be invisible, this mechanic is fine. The problem I have with her 3 is that you constantly have these rings coming into your frame and to activate effects you have to make them flash white, there isn't a way to change that flash to something else or anything and it doesn't respect your energy colors at all.

Basically I just want this ability to respect energy colors so that using it doesn't turn the floor into rapidly flashing lights that give me a headache, now that we have two energy colors it would be nice if her 3 changed to the second energy color on activation(successful crouch, jump, gun shot, to the beat) so that if we want to we can turn the rapidly strobing lights off entirely.

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