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Revenant Danse Macabre stuck on due to ledge climbing/mantling/grappling


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  11 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Empyrean: Prime Vault 27.1.2Kuack).


  • Fixed inability to jump or use Grendel’s Abilities (including cancelling Pulverize) after mantling a ledge in Pulverize ball form as Grendel

Please also fix this for revenant... 

While Danse Macabre is active and using Reave to quickly move through missions, I get stuck in Danse Macabre unable to turn it off and am unable to use reave until I run out of energy, fall off the map, or die. IF I let it run out of energy, I get teleported back to the point at which the problem started and my Revenant starts climbing a tiny ledge or a stupid box... 

Also, it appears Kuva Nukor does NOT chain to additional targets if you are shooting at enthralled enemies. I have not tested with other chaining weapons...

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Revenant has had this bug for probably more than a year now (pretty much since I started playing him)

There are indeed many posts about this bug that have been archived and I'm quite saddened that DE still hasn't gotten around to fixing my favorite frame (see post below)

There was around that time another bug with Revenant's 4 that would often prove to be an advantage for the player : when you reaved during danse macabre you'd be able to control the speed of danse macabre's spin, but that was addressed by DE within a couple of months. Feels kinda bad that they decided to fix the bug that was an advantage but they still haven't addressed this very common and easy to reproduce bug (Pretty sure I've had it over 30 times).

Thankfully Revenant is such a strong frame that it does not hinder him too much, but keeping a bug for over a year seems a little much.

I'm guessing this issue isn't in their priority list since it isn't game breaking, but I hope they are at least aware of its existence.

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