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Simple way to make murmur farming more interesting


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Make a reward in a murmur for the missions CAPTURE, RESCUE, DIVERSION, SPY, MOBILE DEFENSE, INTERCEPT, SURVIVAL.

From the point of view of the plot, this is quite explainable.
The RESCUE target was stolen by the thralls of the lich and for saving him he will tell you what he heard from the slaves about the lich when he was dragged into the cell.
Computers on missions controlled by a lich on SPY and MOBILE DEFENSE contain some data about the lich.
The CAPTURE target is the captain of the thralls squad, therefore knows more about the lich than thralls.
At the INTERCEPT, DEFENCE and SURVIVAL, simply keeping control of the territory, Tenno will find out information about the lich.

The RESCUE and CAPTURE targets knows about the lich 5x more information than one thrall.
Each computer on MOBILE DEFENCE and SPY contain 4x murmurs.
DIVERSION, and INTERCEPT (one wave) give you 5x murmurs.
SURVIVAL (5 minutes) 6x murmurs.
DEFENCE (5 waves) 6x murmurs.
And make endless missions endless.

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I remain surprised they didn't do that - they have dozens of mission types where the objective itself is key, critical information about the enemy. And yet the objectives yield nothing relevant to the lich. The missions were perfect for the concept, and yet...you just stab blue dudes.

Hell, Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris did this grind better. And that was a friggin' disaster. 

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