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A improvement to the gameplay loot and the game as a whole


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First thing firsts , we as a comunity and De as whole have to start to admit that Warframe is dying and the New war not going to save it nor have the same impact as the Fortuna update . The major problem need to be deal with now are the reward , scaling and the drop

After years of basicly doing nothing in tern of improvement to the game , the player base are just too tired with all of the empty promisses of the grand story and no actually improvement . 

The gameplay loot of warframe at the point of me writing this did not change for the better or the worst . It stay the same as the first time i see it in 2016 . 

1 ) Terrible drop rate , unreasonable drop table and just bull . 

Player time is vauleble so when we play warframe , we as player ; who play your game , DE  should feel that our time spend in warframe is worth it . Not few hours of smashing our face in a notes in saturn and no orikin cell drop , even with three nekro , all smeeta and booster . 

Here is my suggestion for the loot . 

First , increase the drop chance of the every and i mean every single rare resources in the system .  No one want to spend hours in one boring map and get no tellerium or orokin cell for their solo clan and crafting . 

Second , for every 20 wave of fissure or arbitation defend or 20 minutes in a survial of the same kind , send out a challeage or in other word , a mini boss . An  enemy that is just a warframe equal for the faction we are fighting that have unique skill that can wreck your group yoor team are just bump of unperpared wanker . However , that mini have to drop a ton and i mean a ton of resources and worth while thing like every good mod or a lot of relic . 

Three , fix your drop table . With arbatation in the game , a 80 endo legendary drop when complete a survial wave are just " are you #*!%ed " . Remove useless mod and endo from the reward pool of everything in the game . If we complete a 5 minutes survial or 5 waves of defend , we should get relic in nornal ( arbitation is fine enough , just make endo drop 2000 at a time and make other thing like arcane or mod appear more ) . Not endo or #*!% all mod for our time . 

2 , Relic 

The current form of the relic system is just boring and a time waster . 

To fully unlock the full drop chance for the good stuff in a relic , you need tear . Good , that is reasonable . We don't need to have all relic drop part without some work . However , can i ask why the tear drop is so ass ? 

To gather 100 tear in a resonable manner, you need to use a saryns kill every god damn thing in the mission and in the end you will have never 50 tear for your one time mission .

Make it so tear appear in the end of the mission when you exist . 

A three vault open spy with reward you 40 tear 

A exterminte mission with all target kill will give you 40 

A defend first 5 wave is 20 then 30 at 10 waves and stop at 50 drop at wave 20 above . 

A survial is just the same as defend but it start with 30 . 

3 , Kuva lich 

The base is fine . It is functional , remember that . 

First , Let mumur appear in a fissure mission if that planet are under a lich influence . 

Second , if i finish a survial or defend in a lich zone give me normal relic as well 

Third , let a kuva lich appear after i kill set amount of mumur . Not ten straight mission and the lich still doing #*!% all .

4 , Scaling 

With defend fissure , let us stack boost . 

After 5 relic open in long mission , we got flawless relic which is good as that can be use right away . But after that , What more ? Wait five more wave for a relic drop that we can use right there because the booster not going to stack ? 

Let's them stack . if the player want to spend hours of their life and hundreds of relic in one fissure note , let's them do it ( Trust me , to make the drop some what worth the time , you need to spend more than few hours for rare resouce reach above 20% ) 

Why enemy are the only one have scaling ? I know we have warframe that have good scaling ability but how about the one who don't ( vauban geting one shot if you look at him ) ? If the armor and Hp of an enemy is so insane after few hours in a mot long survial , why our warframe don't have some thing similar ? 


Come back to the mini boss unit ideas . If we defeat that , let the team receive a buff in armor and HP ( damage as now is somewhat reasonable ) to the end of the mission . 

With one mini boss kill , the whole team receive 100 armor and 100 HP . With ten , the team will receive 1000 armor and hp in total . 

And that will not be infinite . Let't that cap out at 3000  ( which is ten god damn hours for you , DE ) . 


This is the end of this post . If anyone have any comment , please just said it out and i will take time to argue with you about this .

Hope anyone who spend time to read a nice day and to DE . 

Fix your game before this wonderful thing dead like fornite in one year 



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