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Please sell more loadout slots


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I had raised this topic before, but let me do it again.
I believe a certain proportion of players need more loadout slots for frames like me.
I am happy to pay platinum to buy more loadout slots for frames.
DE, please consider customer experience.
Time is precious year after year. We work longer hours, our free time is shorter, based on our life cycle.
I play Warframe during my hiatus, and refresh myself, go back to work.
I don't want to use the time to manage loadout slots, change frames, change weapons, and mods.
Some of the players may yell, "If you are busy, don't play the game!"
Oh, please allow some diversity.
I hope DE considers the role of the game in society.
I believe gaming is a part of the entertainment industry.
If DE set the limitation of loadout slots for some reasonable game semantics, I am OK; then, I would like to know why.
Digital Transformation changes our lifestyle dramatically, so I hope DE recognized it and adopt it for the user-friendly game experience.


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vor 20 Minuten schrieb (XB1)Cash201293:

 Or do you mean more mod configurations since I still think your limited to 3. 

(they raised the limit, you could do more than 3 configs via pl)

vor 21 Minuten schrieb (XB1)Cash201293:

Ummm I thought DE did give players the ability to buy more load out slots if I’m not mistaken

vor 42 Minuten schrieb Fineblade:

believe a certain proportion of players need more loadout slots for frames like me.

i guess feedback would be better place for it

id also like to have more than current buyable...but i dont think DE will increase it...(there are more frames every year, so that would support a +10 raise or even +5)

id like to run frames with their signature weapons, or matching gear colors (without the need of hitting copy main color again and again)

most time im to lazy to adjust frame&gear...i just use my loadouts with the same frames every time

fashion frame is endgame? but we couldnt design one for each kind of 😞


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As you go up in MR, you will unlock moar slots. If you are at MR and still want moar AFTER buying the max, you have a mighty big closet.

PC players have too much plat from getting it given for people joining under their name, that they can do anything such as buy more loadout and what have you. Look at your loadout slots and figure out which you have barely touched if you are running out of space. Might be time to spring clean....

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