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Korrudo: please restore its former glory


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The Korrudo. With its wacky+vague in game description and low drop chance, it is an underestimated and under-appreciated weapon. For many months after its release it had a bug which really made it a precious gem: life steal on critical. Now we are not going to talk about Hirudo or the Life Strike mod, because this is a feedback thread for Korrudo. Due to the up close nature of the Korrudo fighting style, we are vulnerable and animation locked with little opportunity to evade damage.


I would like life steal back or some balance to make using the Korrudo worth the risk of death.


Please post a "me too" if you want to petition DE to restore this weapon.

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19 hours ago, Andele3025 said:

Thats the Hirudos/infestation trick and its place is not on grineer mittens.

Korrudo is crafted using Eidolon Breath and fish bones. That's not standard Grineer Tech.

With such esoteric ingredients, it shouldn't be a surprise if they worked some powerful juju.

What else would the Grineer be studying the Eidolons for, if not to acquire radical new technologies?

It's not the end of the world that I've had to slot Healing Return in my Korrudo, but my build is certainly feeling the compromise. 🙁

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