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Please Add a option to disable muffled sound when invisible


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Please Add a option to disable muffled sound when invisible , invisibility muffled sound on frames like loki and ashe, gives me motion sickness, I can't really explain, it makes me feel nauseous my head hurts, and there was this one day i almost threw up. I'm sorry for sounding a bit exaggerated but i'm not, this really does affect me, to the point where i use loki (love the knave delux skin) without invisibility, yes i die a lot lol

After almost 3 years of not playing warframe, i came back and ashe now has a more muffled sound when invisible, I waited around 1 year, but i just can't take it anymore and needed to make this post. Useless to say, i rarely use invisibility on ash now. and die constantly.


Please, I love you de , i really do, but give me a option to disable invisibility muffled sound

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On 2020-03-01 at 12:49 AM, (NSW)Sk0rp1on said:

At first I thought this was going to be another minor complaint, but it seems serious enough that it should be addressed. 

Hope things work out for you.

i doubt it. i have been trying since 2013 , but thank you 🙂

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Honestly the muffled sounds need to go away unless the abilities actually silence the user to some capacity anyway.

I remember when I first picked up Loki as a new player and thought the muffled noise meant that I caused no noise as well. And then I immediately caused an alarm to be triggered because I was being super loud. Currently Banshee is the only frame that should have the muffling effect when using her Silence ability, and the sound muffling should only happen with Loki when using his Silenced Invisibility augment.

The sound design of these abilities should compliment what they do, and what they do is purely visual. So no muffling is needed.

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