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New Infested Mission Type Idea.


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I came up with a new mission type, but it would likely have to be reserved for a big new update. In this mode you are tracking a massive infested like monster scurrying through either sewer like levels, or caves. As it moves through this new tileset previous areas get blocked by the monster, and flooded with infested gunk. So not only would you have to be fast while dealing with the monster(not killing it, as research would be more important on this special specimen), but would have to worry about getting left behind as it continuously moved forward. The blockages would be possible to remove, but have to be damaged to do so. 

As for the creature itself I see a kind of whale meets angler fish, but with a longer serpentine body. The "light" keeps away the infested gunk, but only in a limited range. The fact the infested stuff is repelled by it means there is something that ordinary infested do not like about said creature. We already know that infested hybrids are not liked by ordinary infested. This creature would be a source for a possible cure or vaccine. This would also give the infested reason to try and stop us, despite their dislike of being around said creature.

So, anyone else like this idea? I told a few friends who thought it sounded cool, and wanted to know what the forums would think. 

Optional. The infested gunk here is stronger than normal, and would stick to a Warframe after a mission if you got entirely left behind without your allies finishing the mission. Would require removing like the Grustrag 3, or Captain Vor bolt. This would give us another reason to visit the Helminth. 

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