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Grineer Infested Maps Volumetric Lighting is Overly Bright

(XBOX)Eli and Niti

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I have been trying to find out what setting it is in the Visual Tab to reduce the brightness of the Volumetric lighting (particularly the multiplicative nature on Grineer Infested Ships) in order to reduce the crazy levels of brightness that we are experiencing since the last big update.  There are some tile-sets that are just too bright and glaring to even be able to see on them.  I understand this is a serious performance improvement with the current algorithms for it, but it has made some maps unplayable for me and my wife (visually impaired).  I have tried with and without adaptive exposure, I have tried with and without Bloom, and I have tried with and without Glare, none of these settings seem to affect the volumetric lighting in these areas.  I have found that reducing the contrast and brightness helps a little, but this affects adversely the other maps and tile-sets.  Is there a way of adding a Volumetric Lighting Intensity option to the menus?

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