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Unable to shoot/use abilities/reload


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I was in a Lua Disruption. Going to a conduit with a key. On my way I was put into operator and teleported a solid 100 meters (maybe even more) back to roughly where I killed the previous demolyst.

I do not recall pressing 5 to switch to my operator (and it would not make sense for me to do so as i was just about to put the key into the conuit).

I then was moved into the warframe back to the conduit (again: without pressing 5 to use "transference in"). I was still able to put the key into it but i was no longer abler to shoot, reload or use any warframe abilities or even transference.

My warframe wouldn't even change it's direction it was facing unless I aimed.

I have a recording of after I was teleported but not of the teleport itself.

Very weird bug..

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