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WTS Godly Miter Riven


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Since it wont let me tag it, has +219.5 dmg +128.8 tox +127.7 multi -67.7 zoom 

Mr 12, maxed, vazarin slot. IGN name Bardiac, pls pm me for link or anything you need. 

Im thinking 2k since folren said about 2.4-3.5k but I think 2k is alright, but If you have some other deal in mind, pls pm me :D Im open to anything

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Budgets are decided by the buyers

Prices decided by the sellers

If you're neither the buyer nor the seller on an item, making a decision for others (aka minding a business not your own), is essentially a lecture, something that players often frown upon.

You might want to turn down those lecture sessions, or turn then to 11 in your clan chat, see how that works out.

EDIT: Seems that the mods removed the previous posts

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