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I'm Having Trouble Aiming



When I'm trying to zoom, my aim won't stay fixed. It'll pop in and out of the zoom, and I don't think it's my mouse. I've tested both my mouse, and my fiancee's mouse on Warframe, both of which are having difficulty. It seems to work fine on my laptop's built-in mouse, but using it is too difficult, so I don't bother. Anyways, I've tested both of our computer mice on different games, and they appear to work fine. Could my aim sensitivity be causing this?

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Maybe. I found I had to crank up the aim sensitivity the first time I played, but I don't think I had the same problem. Try tweaking stuff in the options, see if that fixes it. The options are in the top right of the main menu, the gear icon beside logout. Hope you can fix it soon!

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