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Please move relic, nightwave, etc messages out of the middle of he screen


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I don't know if this qualifies as a bug but it's pretty annoying.  I've been dealing with it since I started playing Warframe.  I have a 42" 4k monitor so I had to move all the stuff toward the center and make it large in order to read it while playing.  Originally it was just the bounty complete messages on open world but as I got into cracking rivens and then nightwave it became more and more annoying.  It makes it impossible to see targets.  Even worse I'm trying to do a 3 headshot in a single aim glide riven and there is no way to see the heads.  The riven messages are bugged for that one if you get one head shot it shows 0.  Anyway these messages should be off to the top or bottom of center.  You should never loose the ability to see what you are aiming at. 



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