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Should casting speed mods increase the animation of ultimate attacks/looped abilities?


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All casting speed does is speed up the animation of the initial(sometimes the final) animations for some abilities

For example harrow's 4 ballerina animation, charged abilities and others 

But sometimes natural talent is inconsistent

It works on warframes and doesn't on others

For example all of garuda's abilities need natural talent because they do not just increase the intital animation...they also increase the ongoing animation like

dread mirror's pounce 

Blood alter's dash

Blood letting's spin

And seeking talons' whole animation 

Why can't they also increase the ongoing animation speed of some abilities like..

Revenant's danse macabre spin rate 

Gauss Mach rush speed/distance per second 

mesa's peacemaker fire rate (not that she needs it really)

Gara's mass virtify glass spread distance per second

And others 


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Well, its casting speed. Its only speeds up the time it takes for the ability to begin taking effect. After that, its no longer casting speed because the ability is already cast.

Those things you are asking are already effected by Range and/or Duration or will have an increase in DPS.

if it does that, it will no longer be considered an Exilus.

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59 minutes ago, (PS4)Hopper_Orouk said:

Add on that that natural talent increases most of garuda's animation speeds including the pounce and dash of her 1 and 2 ability

Because those are the casting animations. The ability isn't the pounce or dash, that's just the windup for the actual effect.

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