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Primary/Secondary weapons slot


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I was reading another post on this forum that propose to simlpy add 2 more slot to the weapons. That was a totally unbalanced idea, cause with the actual mechanic we have only the solution to fill that slot with the "7 cost mod of 60% status" and also with all slot with forma it will be difficult to create a build a little bit different from the "standard" . SO i thinked a little and i created my own idea with a 12 slot weapon. Ok now you are smling thinking i'm crazy, but please look next!

I create this image for explain better:


- GREEN: Exilus slot. Now instead of consume some point it give you more point (like aura or stance)

- PURPLE: Riven Mod reserved slot

- YELLOW: Utility slot: here you can put an expanded version of the exilus mod, including fire rate, magazine capacity, punch throw, mod like combustion beam and all that type of mod that don't boost directly your damage or crit/status

- BLACK: You can fill this slot with every mod you want (like now) 

Like now, the exilus slot will cost 20 plat, the riven mod will be auto unlocked for free. And maybe a cost of 10 plat for unlock one of the yellow slot (if you think capitalist) or for free if you want to restore the URSS 

Edit: Of course the value of the exilus mod should be balanced to a range from 7 to 9

Edit2: Swap polaritie is allowed from each slot to each other slot, except for exilis (exactly like now), this to help re-build the weapon if this idea will be voted and take in consideration

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10 minutes ago, Lazarow said:

So instead of 1 Exilus slot we have 3?

99% of exilus mod are useless. This "yellow" slot give you a lot of possibilities... i say just some, but you can find more.

Almost every weapon need to be equipped with the MOD i called "utility". Fire rate, magazine capacity, reload speed, maximum ammo... those are just some example. 

In yellow slot, you can equip without the sacrifice of dmg mod, but also mantaining a balance of the weapon.

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Whenever I see proposals like this, I have to wonder: maybe we need a rework of the modding system in general?

The overall issue seems to be that DPS mods crowd out QoL mods in the limited slot space, and even setting QoL mods aside, those DPS mods have a hierarchy unto themselves. Flat damage and multishot are, virtually, must-haves. There's an illusion of choice that players can slot in things like Steady Hands in regular slots, but when that dumps on the weapon's performance, it seems like less choice of preference, more like choice of making a mistake.

I like that the proposal here tries to open up slots for more QoL / QoL-like mods. I don't think it gets to the root of the problem, which is hard to tackle at the best of times, but more opportunity to use things like reload speed is nice to see.

On the other hand...plat for opening up those slots? I sure hope there's a way to get it for free, otherwise that's really treading toward pay-to-win territory...

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