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we need an olympic themed melee weapon in warframe


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Warframe is all about being a champion 

and there are no better way to feel like an olympic champion than to throw a javelin or to pole vault long distances

i am aware that we have spears but they're not the same...

my idea is basically a retractable javelin that can turn into a long pole based on your attacks...


it has 2 different charge attacks and a special slide!

the first one is a basic charge attack that performs a thrust with the javelin

the second one is when you land a charge attack while sprinting will throw the javelin away dealing physical damage on impact and in a 4 meters area, 

and last is when you land a slide attack..instead of a slide you'll perform a pole vault that will lift you and the effected enemy in the air opening them up for air combos 

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2 minutes ago, Jiminez_Burial said:

1) No thanks, I would rather they just develop the gun-spears further.

2) Wrong section.  This belong in fan concepts since you're requesting/suggesting a new weapon type rather than giving feedback on an existing weapon.

1) you just have no room for fun do you, don't be boring 😞

2)i forgot to put it in there...however cut me some slack because there are no 'suggestions' tab in warframe...and you can't put a weapon idea with no concept in the concept tab 

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best thing about weapons like the ferrox, javlok, and scourge is that you can equip them as a primary weapon and throw them like a javalin.

just equip a staff melee of similar appearance and you would pretty much get exactly what you want and more.

id only wish that we would get a tenno-themed speargun.

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