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Chat broken/not updating after a mission


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Trading, recruit, and region chat population empties; clan and alliance chat is still populated but no update as well; squad is populated by the last members when the chat was still working and won't change until later.  These happens every time I return from a mission(cetus/orb vallis/star chart).  Even if I type something, none will see my text while this problem is active.

It gets fixed by having the active chat selected on trade, recruit or region for I think 5-15mins.  Restarting the game, waking from PS4 sleep/standby mode, disrupting the internet connection works as well.

I'm aware of the forever loading/cannot connect to chat, this is not it.


DE might reply but 100% won't do anything about my problem and I'm sure of it.

I'm just here to know if someone experienced or familiar with this and might have some useful info for me.

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I am having this exact same issue, just as you described. It started right after the most recent major PS4 update.

Sometimes chat will start populating again after I pop in and out of operator mode then go into Arsenal to upgrade equipment and back out again. However, this will not clear up the issue permanently and it will reoccur soon after.

I sincerely hope that DE address this game-breaking issue as chat is essential to the multiplayer experience.

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On 2020-03-02 at 6:27 AM, (PS4)Sporree said:

Same issue! I have a good internet so there's no way that i could be my connection. Will deleting a game and odwnloading a different vesion of warframe will fix the bug?

I tried deleting and reinstalling the game and it did not fix this issue.

There are numerous posts in the PS4 bug forum reporting issues with chat not working correctly so this does not seem to be an isolated case just for us.

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This started to happen months ago after some big update.  Fresh installation and internet connection tweaks didn't help.

Hope someone who had or familiar with this problem which found a workaround  sees this and help us.  

DE won't lift a finger on something that won't cause an uproar., even if it's a game breaking problem for us.

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