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Dethcube and Dethcube Prime still missing shooting "muzzle flash" effects - more than three months, no fix


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As I reported before, It took me a moment to notice so I'm not sure if it was broken by D.Prime release but both sentinels lack shooting effects. 

For quick comparison, this is an old review video showing nice muzzle flash. It does not seem to be tied to any graphic settings, all current videos I've seen miss muzzle flash as well.


In case it's still not clear, here's an example of flash-less Deathcube 


And my 11/10 Paint recreation of expected muzzle flash effect


Not sure what bug priorities you guys have, considering Railjack dust is settled I hope Deathcubes get fixed. Thanks.


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I have been talking about this for months and months, other than the missing muzzle flash, the Dethcube does not show projectiles anymore. It used to assist me greatly in picking targets and helping me target enemies i`m not aware of, now all these things that made it look and feel like a companion are gone. How do I bump this post so it catches the attention of DE.
It is not a major issue but it is something that really is missing for me from the game, and I have been waiting for DC prime for way too long to have it lose part of its flavor ingame.

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