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Facet, the jewel maiden.


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Stats are for max rank.

Health: 275

Sheild: 1,500

Armor: 575

Energy: 450

Sprint speed: 0.9

Passive: focusing prism - beam weapons do 20% more damage, have 50% more range, and chain to 1 extra enemy. (Hidden) Focus pickups last 50% longer.


1st ability: gem missle - facet throws a jewel at very high speed that explodes into razor sharp shards on impact.

Energy: 25 (efficiency)

Damage: 300, 70% slash 25% puncture 5% impact, 70% status chance (strength)

Radius: 5m (range)

Shard count: 10 (strength)

Shard damage: 200, 80% slash 20% puncture, slash proc guarenteed (strength)

Shard range: 15m (range)


2nd ability: jewelled waltz - facet begins glowing, giving herself and nearby allies 1 of 4 effects. Tap to cycle between them, hold to cast. Only 1 can be active at a time. Can not refresh current buff with recast, but can switch to a different buff at any time.

Energy: 50 (efficiency)

Radius: 15m (range)

Duration: 20s (duration)

Ruby (red): gives health regen.

Regen: 15/s (strength)

Saphire (blue):  gives slight sheild regen, and gives damage resistence to sheilds.

Sheild regen: 5/s (strength)

Damage resistence: 25% (strength, max 60%)

Topaz yellow): melee weapons gain lifesteal. Excess healling restores sheilds and can apply oversheilds.

Lifesteal: 10% (strength, max 25%)

Emerald (green): gives a small aura the does radiation damage to enemies.

Radius: 3m (range)

Damage: 100/ss, 100% radiation, 45% status chance (strength)

Synergy: gem missile does 20% (strength) extra elemental damage based on currently active buff. Ruby=heat, saphire=frost, topaz=electric, emerald=toxic


3rd ability: polished surface - facet becomes extremely reflective, becoming immune to status effects, gaining resistance to elemental damage, and blinding enemies.

Energy: 75 (efficiency)

Elemental resistence: 40% (strength, max 100%)

Blind radius: 10m (range)

Blind duration: 3s (duration)


4th ability: crystal shell - facet crystalizes her and her allies sheilds, increasing armor and applying the damage resistence from armor to sheilds, but stopping sheild regen until fully depleted except for abilities that restore sheilds.

Energy: 100 (efficiency)

Armor: 500 (strength)

Radius: 20m (range)

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