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Alliance expansion...and other thoughts

(XBOX)Pride of Gemini

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Hello. First time posting in here never really thought much of it tbh but I’ve had an idea in my head and I wanted others to see it. Not for any recognition or anything but anyway here it goes. 

I was thinking solar rails are still in the game but I feel like they have been a remnant for so long that’s they will never make a come back. I propose that we look at the future. We as Tenno are about to go to war with the sentients. But I genuinely doubt that even if we repel them in the origin system that will be the end of it. What I believe is once we  repel them in the origin system we will need to take responsibility for our parents (orokin) and eliminate them from the system they were sent too to terraform. Thing is, only way to reach this system is through the void. How would we make this long journey? Well I was thinking we use the solar rails. Treat them like motherships that house Railjacks inside them. 

I also propose we make this an alliance based build so that we further connect Tenno across the system. (Side note: I also believe making an alliance dojo should be a thing or maybe the ship itself be the dojo). This would add more content and worlds to explore and maybe more ancient and terrifying sentients to fight. 

let me know what you think!

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