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Let Us Live A Little After We Revive!


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I just found out how cruel the revive system is. I was killed during a Survival mission, and another team-mate right next to me. The other guy couldn't get to us (but we both cheered him on and he made it to the end). Now, I made a mistake because I didn't know the only thing I would lose is credits as long as a player makes it - I used all but one revive. It would have been nice to have some sort of notification before I used it telling me the circumstances and options - but I learned the hard way and personally I don't need that anymore - but a new player might.


In any case that isn't my main concern. The real problem is that the revives I used came a split second after one another - because the game gives you no "breather" after you revive. What's the use of reviving if your going to be immediately put down again? Revives are not something you find in storage bins - you have a limited amount, so why make it so they can be totally worthless? The mobs didn't even leave the place where I was after they killed me - they hung around as if they were waiting for me to use my final revive. I was playing Loki and when I revived I was spamming 4 to get the guns out of the Grineer's hands - but the ultimate did not activate - they were able to attack me again before Loki fully "recovered".


So I'm asking: Can you please consider giving us some reprieve when we are revived? I won't make suggestions as to what you should do - I just want you (DE) to do something so that we can utilize our revives in a productive manner and enjoy playing the game. Thanks.

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Yeah, that needs some tweaking. Reviving near a angry mob of enemies that can put you down in a few hits is awful.


Take Ruk, for example. We were farming him for Orokin Cells and the mission changed to Nightmare Mode. We did it anyway but it was hell'a difficult. Ruk was now more powerful, since his Gorgon would tear your health from full to zero, in one or more shots. Thing is, when we tried reviving, we revived right next to him, just so he can immediately put us down again.


But as you said, it's like they are waiting for you to revive. We were a team of three, including me, and we were far of and one of your team mates died and I took a peak, to see how I would revive him, and Ruk was still roaming around his corpse and looking at it, like "Come on, use that revive. I'm still hungry for more."


Either way, it's just one of the many examples of countless deaths in the midst of massive spawns of powerful enemies.

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I can't agree with this demand. If you'll get any sort of cheesy invincibility after revive,

1)Boss rolling will become even easier

2)Because of 1, DE will go further with damage caps and longevity of fight with bosses.

On one hand you have a point - it would be possible that a person would "boss roll" - but that can be addressed. I'm not suggesting reviving with invincibility AND the ability to go on immediate attack while in the state of recovery (said "invincibility"). This is why I didn't go into specific suggestions on how to solve it - I don't want the thread to degenerate into an argument of how this or the other suggestion might or might not work. I just want DE to know there is a problem and ask them to address / solve it.


That being said, I do not believe there is no other fair way than how t is now. You mention "Boss rolling" - but what about reviving right next to a Toxic Ancient? How about reviving in a toxic cloud? What use is it to revive if your still going to get hit with the current hazard? I think there has to be a better way.

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You can revive at any time after you die, if I recall correctly.  Eventually the enemies will wander away and you can revive safely, if you aren't in a hurry.

Actually there is a time limit to choose whether to revive or not - and it's not very long (10 - 15 seconds). If you do not choose it auto-chooses for you to remain inactive until the mission is over.

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