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Could Somebody Spare Me A Few T2 Mobile Defenses?



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I just need the Boar Prime Stock left, but I'm having trouble farming T2 Mobile Defenses. =/ I was wondering if somebody out there would be kind enough to help me run T2 MD's that they have.


Thanks in advance!


Just do some Infested Survival missions, survive for 10min and you have ~33% chance at a T2 Mobile Defense key. Mimas, Saturn is an Infested Survival mission I typically go to (trying to farm Firestorm mod).

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Go into the squad area of this forum and try to find 3 others who have the same goal. Then farm and when you find one key, you can do 4 runs. It is not too hard.

Begging for help can be frustrating and aggrevating.


Haha, yeah, no kidding. It rarely works out for me.


I'll be sure to take your advice. Sounds like a plan.


I've got a couple MD keys. Add me next time you're on and we can run them.


Thanks for your patronage, buddy. =) I'll be sure to add you. Thanks!

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