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Spy Mission Failed After Defeating Lich


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Ceres, spy mission.

Vault A: Triggered alarms, but retrieved data

Vault B: No alarms, retrieved data

Lich appeared. Fought lich, vanquished lich.

Vault C : Triggered Alarms as I'm at the console to do the hack, Lotus starts talking about mission failure imminent, I cipher the hack on the console to simplify things, get the notification of data retrieval, leave the room, and realise three things:

1: The countdown is still going

2:I'm now locked out of the room and cannot access any panels at all, even alarm panels.

3: Vault A now says failed, Vault B now says triggered alarms, retrieved data, and the lotus is still talking about mission failure.

The countdown timer ends, and the mission fails.

I do get all of my lich rewards returned, and my ephemera and weapon, but it was a baffling thing all around.


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