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Kuva lich system: My idea of improvements


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The goal of these improvements is to reduce the grind, make it a fun experience, more rewarding and worth the time. Here are some ideas that I think can improve the kuva lich system.




·       If you attack enemies with your melee weapon when the parazon symbol appears above enemies, they are invulnerable for 1 second so that you get a chance to perform a mercy kill on it instead of missing your chance because enemies die too quickly.

·       Increase the speed of grineer hacking terminals.

·       Increase the speed of mercy kill finisher animation.


Meeting Larvling


·       The larvling can appear on syndicate missions.

·       The larvling will have an ephemera on them.


Lich influence


·       There is a location with a mark that shows that the lich will have a 100% chance to spawn on that location.

·       Defeating the lich will give double the resources that was stolen from you.

·       Instead of the lich mission having their own missions, make them be a part of every other mission.


Kuva syphon missions


·       Make kuva syphon missions appear on Lua, the void and Uranus.

·       Decrease the time it takes for the kuva cloud to appear from 30s to 15s.

·       Make kuva syphons appear on open spaces instead of narrow spaces. (eris)


Finding Clues


·       The thralls can appear in syndicate missions.

·       There is a special thrall (that is highlighted yellow) that will run away when it spots you. When it spots you a timer will start if you fail to stop it from escaping, it will disappear however if you capture it you will be presented with two choices; you can either kill it which will give you five extra requiem murmurs (clues) or you can capture it with the operator which will reveal one strength and one weakness of the lich. (this will appear on the kuva lich menu)

·       These yellow thralls pop up randomly in missions.

·       Killing them will have a 50% chance to drop 1,300 kuva or two requiem relics, capturing it will reveal the location to treasure.

·       When the treasure location is reviled, a red trail will appear which will lead you to it. (like the first mission of the Octavia`s anthem)

·       When you find the treasure chest you will receive a codex entry about the lore of the kuva lichs and a chance to receive a rare parazon mod or a lich beacon. (the lore will display like the lore for ordis)

·       If you are doing fissure missions and the yellow thralls appear whether you find all the clues or not which on capture will reward you with 100 void traces killed or captured.

·       The lich won`t appear until the mission is complete.

·       If you have all three murmurs, kuva drop chance from thralls will increase from to 60% and will drop 500 kuva. Yellow thralls in fissure missions will drop 200 void traces.

Random examples of strengths and weaknesses


·       Immune to primary weapon attacks.

·       Immune to cc warframe powers

·       Increase movement speed.

·       Does viral attacks.



·       Scared of kubros & kavats (even through this is already a thing the lich don`t react to seeing one and the dialog doesn`t match with what is happening)

·       Weak to operator attacks.

·       Can be opened up to finishers.

·       Easily knocked down.


Unique kuva lichs


As mini bosses they need to differ from other bosses when it comes to their fighting behaviour.

Different behaviours

·       The ability to summon companions

·       A roar that can increase enemies` movement speed.

·       Able to perform dodge manoeuvres.

·       Berserker mode when damaged.

·       They will let you know when you attack them that they are resistant to or weak against.

·       If you try to attack it with its weakness but you failed to defeat it, they will remember what you did and mention it the next time they sent you a massage.

·       On the third health bar, they go berserk by moving faster and changing their behaviour.


Convert and Vanquish

Me personally I don`t think it’s rewarding enough for the amount of grind it has when it comes to the choice to either vanquish or convert, so I’m going to give points on some ideas to improve the rewards you can receive.



The only thing you get from killing a lich is a weapon but what if you got all the weapons already or (like me) you only want 4 out of the 13 weapons and don`t care about the ephemeras? (since you mostly can`t see it) there needs to be something you can receive that will be worth the time even if you got all the weapons. Here are some ideas of some rewards;

·       More weapons. (new weapons)

·       7,000 kuva.

·       If the lich is wearing a syandana, you will also get it as well. (this also can be seen on the larvling) It will come in a form of a blueprint so you have the option it you want it or not

·       200 void traces.



I don`t think this is a big deal for the fact that there is no difference between them and a spectre besides looks, their need to have something that separates them from a spectre something unique, a reason for you to want to convert them. Here are some ideas of what they should do and what perks you can get if you decide to convert them.

·       It will stay in the mission until the mission is complete.

·       If they are wearing part of an armour set or a sigil, they offer it to you as a reward. (rare)

·       They will give you 500 void traces.

·       5 riven slivers.

·       You will receive two refined requiem relics.

·       When accompanying you in missions they should give you a buff, here are some examples;

-        You receive an extra 30% strength, duration or range on abilities.

-        20% running speed.

-        Infinite ammo.

-        Immunity to knockdowns.

-        40% damage reduction.

-        50 (over) shields on enemy kills.

-        Fire damage on weapons and abilities.

-        X2 resource and affinity booster. If they decide for them to join you in a kuva fissure or a normal fissure mission, you will get this automatically.

·       The lich will give you two buffs.

·       They have the ability to instantly revive you once.

·       If a lich is after you, you allied lich will have a 20% chance of revealing to you what requiem mod you need to defeat the lich by telling you.

·       You have the option for them to stay in one spot or to follow you.

·       In the codex, give a toggle option of them appearing in missions.

·       Fix – The converted lich`s attacks can harm you in missions.


Kuva weapons


·       Depending on what planets you go to will determine what weapons you have a chance of getting.  (brakk, drakgoon, stubba found on Uranus ogris, karak, kohm found on Earth)

·       Each time your lich levels up, all weapons stats will increase by +2 points. (-1 for reload)

·       You can go beyond level 5 if you add a special mod on the parazon that makes it to where you cannot kill the lich and it will continue to level up by difficulty and the weapon bonus will scale.

·       Have the option to change the name of the weapon.


Expansion to the kuva lich system

After defeating 3 liches, you will receive a message from the main boss. In any of the locations where the boss has influence, you will have to seek out three thralls for the coordinates to the location of its ship which you will have to use your railjack to reach him.

First you will have to defeat the enemy fleet (30 enemies) attacking you then when you board the bosses ship the mission will either be an exterminate, sabotage or spy. In these missions, you will also have to search for thralls (using the codex scanner) to figure out the combination to defeat the boss, there is also an option to free some prisoners that will fight for you. In the sabotage mission, you have to destroying the ship by finding its power source while spy missions are you stealing information on the boss’s weaknesses to exploit. 

If you fail to defeat the main boss, it will level up increasing the difficulty in which he will start a self-destruct sequence in where you have to escape however if you defeat it you will receive;

·       30,000 kuva.

·       1,000 void traces.

·       One of each refined requiem relics.

·       A unique weapon he is using.

·       5 forma.

·       10 riven slivers.

New unique rewards – Para forma and Kuva forma

When equipping the para forma on a weapon, it gives you the ability to have more mod space without having to level up whatever you put it on.

The kuva forma gives you increased mod space with the bonus of enhancing your kuva weapon, increasing the weapon`s damage stats by 7%. They can be done up to three times to maximise its stats.


One thing I would like to see is a corpus and an infested version. For the infested version it could relate to the infested from the nightwave series or the maconans (glast gambit quest) and similar to the stalker`s acolytes with weapons corrupted by the infested.

If these ideas were to be implemented, I feel that it will drastically improve this game mode for the better however if you have any ideas to improve it put them here.

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