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(RESOLVED, Relog) Sortie Disruption (Stage 2) not functioning correctly (2/21/2020)


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I've encountered a weird bug in today's sortie. During the disruption mission, as soon as I put a key into the console, enemies stop spawning, and it doesn't register that I've put the key in at all so the mission cannot progress. In the screenshot you can clearly see the key plugged in, however it still says "Key Required" on the HUD.


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As a Host

When i picked up the 1st key, i heard a self destruct noise as if a demolyst was about to commit suicide, looked around, saw nothing.
After inserting the key, nothing happens and the game halts the spawns eventually.

I assume a demolyst never spawns in the game because in the code he already commited suicide

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Just now, 4gg3l0s said:

Confirmed... Tried a couple of things, still won't work.
Stuck after inserting the 1st key.

Me and a friend managed to activate two. Same result.

No timer, no enemies.

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