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Exalted melee heavy attack


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I want exalted heavy attack to have their own motion and unique effect

Exalted blade emit wider and faster energy wave

Valkyr talons scratch with her claws instead of fist rush and stomp

Iron staff become thicker or longer when heavy attack

Desert wind create forward wind wave or radial wind wave

It will be fun if it become true

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11 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

The next phase is the Tenno trigger channeling rework, so I’m not expecting any actual changes to weapon attack animations.

I totally agree one can only wish right 😁, but the melle reworks been out for a few months now and I’m pretty sure they’ve been checking the feed back*even though they rarely respond to our feedback*, if I recall the rage mode or Tenno trigger is supposed to have something to do with the story*i could be wrong*  so if it’s gonna have anything to do with the new war we’ll be waiting a while so hopefully they can show exalted melle a little more love before then.

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