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[Event Suggestion] Grineer Energy Weapon Sabotage Event


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In the grineer sabotage missions Louts mentions that purpose of this mission is to prevent the grineer from making energy weapons.


My Idea for an event is that in response to this the grineer have many different labs work on redundant lines of research so that in the event that one of them gets taken out the research project can continue uninterrupted. Lotus then has the Tenno(us)  find the labs and destroy the labs conducting the research after which those who contributed will get to field test the grineer energy weapon prototypes for a time after which they will be released for the rest of the tenno to use(or maybe have then be available form certain missions as rewards?).


To get to a lab you would first have to do a mission where you attack a team sent out by one of the labs to aquire examples of the corpus’ energy weapons ( the grineer would drop resources to make keys that would be sued to teleport to the hidden grineer research labs) when you get to one of the labs(the defenders could be armed with some of the prototypes) you would have to destroy( smash computers, kill scientists, ect.) as much as you could before grineer reinforcements arrive(the amount of destruction caused in the time limit would determine what reward tier you would be in) after which you would make your escape. After all the labs are destroyed the warehouses housing(also defended by some enemies using the prototype energy weapons) the remainder of the proto types would have to be raided and destroyed(this could be a second part of the event or a new mission type in which you could acquire the weapon prototypes as a end of mission reward.


The  prototype energy weapons would be developed as replacements for current grineer weapons used  grineer units and would be similar but not a direct upgrade, for the lancer a energy smg that dose more damage, has a large clip and shoots faster, but can’t crit and has travel time and more spread, for the trooper an energy shot gun that does less damage than the strum, but can charge its shots for more damage at the cost of increase ammo consumption per shot, for the elite lancer an energy burst fire rifle that does less damage and shoots in shorter bursts but(as suggested by someone in the weapons feedback section (the mechanic not the gun))doesn’t have to reload but instead can over heat if shot to quickly, for the seeker a pistol that dose less damage, but has a charge attack similar to the energy shotgun mentioned earlier except it has a weak seeking ability like the plasma pistol in halo, for the ballista a energy DMR that can shoot single charged shots or shoot in two shot bursts(after a quick charge.2sce or so), yes it would cost two ammo if you did that,  maybe an energy rocket launcher or machinegun?



Feedback, Suggestions?

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