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Orokin Derelict in Railjack Veil missions still Broken


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I am currently farming for Spectra Vandal. the requirements to do so are to enter a Veil location in Railjack content, go to a mission that can spawn the derelict, find it, board it, hack a console, and hope it gives you a Spectra Vandal Piece.

1) The proper derelict doesn't always spawn. sometimes the un-boardable broken derelict spawns instead or neither spawn. which is fine. have to make it a little difficult.

2) when the proper derelict does in fact spawn, when approaching Cy will give his voice lines to indicate it is the correct derelict, but not give a mission way point marker. and the derelict will spawn without an archive to hack. you already have to go through the trouble of needing the proper derelict to spawn versus it being broken or not being there at all. not spawning the archive cannot possibly be intended as well because of point 3.

3) IF the derelict spawns, and IF you get an archive to hack, your mission progress does not always show an "Unidentified Item" in your current mission pick ups. you have no idea if you even have it or not. and when the mission ends the reward simply comes as a "Bonus" 4th end of mission reward,maybe, but once again does not have an "Unidentified Item" tag next to it once you go to look for what you got from the archive. this makes it impossible to have faith that you are even getting your reward from the archive hack at all. this coupled with point 2 makes you even wonder if everything is properly triggering and rewarding you due to the lack of clarity in it all.


You have to look for a random spawn derelict, hope that it has an archive, and then maybe hope that it has a vandal part when you cant even properly prove you're getting rewards at all since there are no tags or indicators at all that you are. If this is intended this particular farm is WELL BEYOND AWFUL even for Warframe standards and needs to be reviewed immediately. the lack of clarity on what you need to do how whether or not you're being rewarded for it must be fixed.

it should be like a spy mission. if the derelict spawns, the archive is 100% there. once you get it you should be able to understand at all times that you have the unidentified item whether it is veiled or unveiled through your mission progress to understand what you got and that you are being rewarded properly. please review and adjust this system.

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removed typos and tuned down angry rant
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