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Ui Suggestion From An Experienced Ui Designer


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Before you lynch me for being 'oh I'm a UI designer therefore I'm awesome and entitled to make valid suggestions', I actually genuinely love this game, and yes, because I've been doing UI for years I think I do have 1 or 2 very practical and doable suggestion that I hope DE can take up. These are not major haul or anything, but my 2 cents on what could be quickly fixed, but makes a major difference overall,  for anyone who used a good UI would know, small little things could make major differences.


1) All fusion mods should be merged into 1 single mod where you can choose to use how many 'points' you like to fuse with another mod. It's impractical to have 1000 of the same visual of an item that you have to manually select one by one to make effect. not to mention the scroll, the damn scroll is a UI 101 no-no.


2) you should be able to preview helmet, syandana and sentinel in one single click, like before no? this would be easier for PS4 console users as well as they don't navigate interface as well as pc users does. As it is, it requires you to choose the helmet/syandana, once confirm it gives you the zoomed out view.


3) Item pick up feed. Depending on what you're comfortable with, it could be solved by a simple color bar, example, when you pick up rifle ammo, somewhere on the screen there will be a small BLUE dot/bar to indicate pick up, multiple if you picked up more. User will then be able to get a sense of how many rifle or shotgun ammo they picked up just by the number of dots that appear. Perhaps you can also choose which item to indicate you, maybe you only want resource indication. Downside is that new player probably wouldn't know what it is, but i think learning flow is something we can fix. There are a million ways really, but i just like this best cause it makes the UI less cluttered.


4) modding dump, have a feature to bookmark individual mods you want to keep the same way Apple lets you change color of folder text. these mods cannot be sold or fuse. Just please, it takes me 1 hour to mod every week of farming, think about how console people would handle it.


That is the 4 things that really takes up a lot of my time and or provide little to no use to me at all. No doubt the game is still in beta and there will be better suggestions out there, but hey, I love the game, if i can provide feedback on something I'm good at, why not.



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