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Can executions stop taking control of my camera?


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Despite the sorry state of the system, I've found hunting Liches to be a very entertaining past time as it allows me to use the bulk of legacy content I'd otherwise ignore due to mission levels. However, one aspect always irritates me - Parazon Mercy Kills take control of my camera for the duration of the animation.

Can we please create make the "cinematic camera" aspect of those optional? I've always found games taking control of my camera very disruptive, as far back as the original Assassin's Creed. Retaining uninterrupted control of my camera does wonders for willing suspension of disbelief, plus those canned camera angles all too often stick my camera into walls or get obstructed by objects in the foreground. Please, can we have some way to disable that, at least optionally? A toggle somewhere I can toggle off?

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On a related /note, can stuff like boss cutscenes please NOT move our camera around
so we're suddenly pointed in a totally different direction afterwards?

Also, not really a fan of the Parazon hacking view tilt compared to how it used to be,
and more importantly, here the camera orientation similarly doesn't return quite to where it was before.

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