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Gearwheel shortcoming.


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The gearwheel is a very nice and easy to use, but it has a flaw. Items that are irrelevant should not be shown. For example the new Omnitool "if placed on a specific spot for hotkey sake" it is shown everywhere, even if it cant be used there. Fishing spear, Tranquilizer Rifle and Plasma Drill are the same.  These item should be hidden if they are not relevant for that node.

Maybe add a secondary choice for all gearwheel slots.

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I've been suggesting a tab-based gear wheel for a long time, so we can have multiple utility tabs and switch between them on the go. Kinda like Loadouts but for the Wheel. Sadly DE seems to have no interest in making an actually good gear wheel to replace the poorly designed one we have right now.


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Well I hope the refresh it when they do the ui update.

K-Drive launcher and Archwing Launcher are 2 other things that only work in 2 places, Plains and Vallis.

All the lures and pheromones can also only be used in Plains and Vallis, and the don't even have to be placed on the gearwheel so why are the even in the menu.

As I  see it we need 4 different gearwheels.

Normal missions



Open world (Plains and Vallis)

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