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Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Operator Mode Triggers Conduit Teleport


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When in ESO if I transfer to my operator after the conduit appears I'm automatically transported to the next zone, this has ruined two runs at the end of zone 8 with additional host migration bugs nuking my relic and focus rewards. 

I'm not sure if the problem is related to the warping associated with operator/warframe transferring, teleporting me momentarily to the conduit location, or if it's just a script error having to do with something else. 

At this point I'm just going to stop using my operator once I no longer want to continue in ESO, but I've triggered this twice now as a client.

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This happens on PC too, had it, friends had it, it's annoying indeed :} Probably happens on all platforms.


A tile that can certainly happen in is the corpus outpost tileset with a canyon, a suspended round platform in the middle (which is the conduit spawn area) and 3 ways to go, 2 on the sides leading to doors and one below where nothing spawns. The area is like a big T, really huge and can't find a single image with it xD but I did found it in this video at 32:09 https://youtu.be/aLACFg7CISE?t=1929

It surely happens on other tiles too but I forgot.


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