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[PC][INT] Gryphus Tech | 7 Years | Rank 10| 100% Research + Exclusive Ignis Wraith | 900-member Moon Clan | Organized Leadership | Organized Clan Events | Active Discord | Only Discord Required | No MR/Time Played Requirements


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Gryphus Tech is a max-rank Moon clan with full research and an active & friendly Discord with fun events! New and veteran players welcomed! We strives to make the clan a fun and active environment for all members. This is more than a place to get researched items but a place to socialize and work together towards a common goal. We are one of the only clans from Closed-Beta 7 years ago still active, and we are looking forward to many more years on Warframe! 

Whether or not you're looking into joining the clan, do not hesitate to join our clan Discord. You can stay in our Discord, game with us with us for as long as you want.

Furthermore, if you join and feel like leaving, you are always welcome back as we are confident we offer the best clan experience.

Discord server (Browser-based with software and mobile app): http://gryphus.cf/discord


Advantages of being in Gryphus Tech

  • Active and interactive community
  •  Organized Rank System
  • Clan Events Organized by Clan Admins
  • Coherent, organized leadership
  • Large active Discord server
  • 100% research (all railjack research will be done in a few days)
  • Dojo equipped with teleporters for easy navigation
  • Mature, friendly and non-toxic members
  • Conflict between members dealt with quickly
  • Strict punishment to scammers and griefers

Clan Events

  • Night Party Games: Come play various party games with other clan members such as Cards against Humanity, Jackbox Party Pack 1/2/3/4/5, Town of Salem, and other fun games! Currently scheduled on Saturday night, but may expand to Friday night as well.
  • Anime Night: Come watch live anime with other clan members and chat as you watch!
  • Movie Night: Come watch live movies with other clan members and chat as you watch!


How to join

  1. Connect to our Discord server: http://gryphus.cf/discord
  2. Post your In-Game Name in the #clan_invite channel.
  3. Join our Warframe Forums club at https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/645-gryphus-tech/
  4. Post your IGN in #club once you joined the club, so that we can promote you to full member.

Instructions DMed to you when you join the server may be outdated as we are currently reforming the clan

(Leave your current clan before asking for a invite. Will cut down the time it takes for you to receive your invite.)

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