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Unable to host missions, can join others just fine


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In the past ~ 2 weeks I have been completely unable to host any mission, either public or manual invite. People are in the group when the mission launches, but once I load into the mission they never fully load in. Sometimes they load in enough for me to see their character and even be affected by things like their sentinal shield charge beam, but then after some few seconds it gives the message that they have left the group. And after the initial 3 people all leave group, it will often try and add more people to the group, and the same thing happens with them. I can join public missions just fine, I can be invited to a group just fine, and I can invite people to the dojo just fine.

In the options screen the network analyze tool returns with "All systems nominal. UPnP detected." Nothing has changed on my PC in the last 2 weeks, nothing has changed with my ISP as far as I know, and a speedtest returns the same results it always has. I verified the WF cache just to see, and nothing changed.

What do?

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