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Not Being The Host.


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The lag that client feels mostly on void missions is very annoying.


Me and my friend usually have 30~40 Mb/s Download and ~20 Mb/s Upload bandwidth with all the European servers, we live in the same town and we still feel lag when we are clients for each other.


If I'm a client the flames from my Ignis reach an enemy in front after the flames from my friend's Ignis, even though I am the nearest.



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I agree, there's quite a bit of lag that's gamebreaking in all forms. I have a good rig (3570k + gtx660 oc) and an awesome internet connection (95 mbps) and people say I lag when I host, and sometimes I lag when others host even when I have my ping limited to 100. I'm sure DE is working to streamline the current p2p system.

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