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Trading Bug


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I really have no clue if this is meant to be in another part of PC Bugs forum, so I placed it here where I think it's supposed to be (Mod/Admin, please move it to wherever you see fit)

Anyways, I've been having this bug come up everytime I'm trading someone. Lets say for example, I wish to trade an equipped mod to someone. I would be told that the mod is equipped to a weapon, and asked if I'm sure I want to trade the mod. I would say yes, and trade the mod, all is well. Now the bug here is that... for some reason, even if I DON'T have the mod equipped (let's say I just got it) it will STILL tell me that I have it equipped on something. I would usually just confirm it and trade the mod anyways, because well... it's a minor bug. Didn't think it would need fixing. (Keep in mind I've had this bug for well over a month now.) This is on my part for now reporting it... but when I need to trade a RIVEN mod. That's when I decided that I need to report it. Why? Well, when it comes to riven mods being traded with this bug... it will tell me that the mod is equipped to something (though I don't even have the weapon for it) and I would just confirm I would like to trade it... of course... then another new problem came up. It would claim that my partner I'm trading with, or I, need to be a certain Mastery Rank level. We're both well above the level needed (He was Mastery Rank 26, I was Mastery Rank 16. Riven Mod Mastery Rank requirement was 8). So the riven mod would show up on my screen as being part of the trading. Not to him. Not only that, but I cannot confirm that I wish to trade that riven mod. Problematic. Please help!

TLDR: Trading bug stops me from trading riven mods, and annoying me for other mods.

I can add proof later if needed.

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