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[PS4] Elite Metal is recruiting


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Are you perhaps looking for a shadow clan with full research, nice and mature people, with little to none of those pesky rules the other clan you've been into have?

Are you looking for a dojo where you can realize your creative vision?

Are you looking for a nice clan which will accept you and not get on your back?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes then we'd happy to welcome you into our small community. I am Nuke the founding warlord of the clan and in representation of all Elite Metal I invite you to join us. Lemme list our stuff to you.

  • Shadow sized
  • Full research
  • Friendly people
  • Dojo to decorate if you wish
  • Easy to comprehend dojo map with convenient teleports
  • NO activity requirement

I am also looking for a second in command to be the leader when i am not around.

Here you have some pictures.

Dojo Floor Plan

Views of the dojo

what? no dojo is not finished without glitches? we got those too! ---> Glitch Teleports (you can parkour your way to make even more of these yoursel if you wish)

MESSAGE ME through the PSN and i'll be glad to invite you!

edit: Any questions please send them to me through the PSN, i'll try to keep an eye on this post too


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