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Derelict could give Void Traces


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Thematically, that should be appropriate, right?

The obstacle course rooms and Vaults in derelicts.. If possible, please add Traces to their container drop tables.
A few traces in obstacle course rooms, and a greater number in vaults.
Offset the trace cost of the Dragon Keys with some risk/reward for the slow discovery.
Might make derelict more appealing, and tie better back into the fissures/relics.

We could stand to have a few more sources for traces, and that would sweeten the pot for derelict.
Perhaps further reward the less played Derelict nodes with Traces, too.. Sabotage and such.

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13 hours ago, (XB1)Rez090 said:

Doesn't really make sense since the derelicts aren't in the void anymore, they exist outside of it. Have you never wondered why the vaults don't exist in the towers that are in the void?

While it's not the void anymore, I'd figure that there'd be traces of the void there.. It was once part of the void, and those traces are kinda remnants of that. The dragon keys require traces, which interact with the vault door, so there's still some void energy resonance in it's construction.

Just seems like a safe and reasonable spot to shoe-horn in some trace drops, outside of fissure missions.

There may be some story reason of why they can't... but it would sure make the obstacle course rooms more worth while. Currently, all you'll get is nano spores, a lephantis nav or two, and maybe a mutagen sample. Vaults are good for their corrupted mods.. and if those mods survived, then perhaps those lockers and containers in there could contain some traces. Up to DE, but I'd sure appreciate it.

Currently, we really are better off ignoring the Obstacle Course rooms.. there's nothing there to find unless Maroo sent you.

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