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About the controller issues...


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So one of the hotfixes when Empyrean was released was supposed to fix the archwing blink and every binding issues know for the controllers.
As adressed herehereherehere and here, a lot of issues were not fixed.

I'm still experiencing some of them on my side

First issue

LB is binded as "Move Down/Dodge/Blink" and not as "Bank Left" even though it's right under the railjack binding settings.
This prevents me from, you guessed it, bank to the left because an archwing binding is used instead of a railjack binding. And if I try to rebind this button, I get this following message






Also, I can't bind RB with Bank Right because I wouldn't have access to the abilities anymore.
If I remember correctly, before a certain fix, Railjack bindings and Archwing bindings were dissociated. 

Second issue

You may or may not know, but you get access to the tactical menu by pressing L while in a Railjack mission.
As a controller player, you don't have access to this menu unless you switch to your keyboard which isn't practical at all.
The binding for this menu doesn't exist at all for the controllers, but there's plenty of unused buttons. unknown.png?width=723&height=326

The current boost button was previously assigned on the left joystick button and I used it to place a marker during normal missions.
My question here is : Is there any technical limitation that prevents us from binding this menu? Or toggle the drift? 

Third issue

I mentioned it earlier, and so did other players in their threads : the boost and the drift.
We can't use them, and to be honest, it ruins every mission.
I love piloting, and I love going out in archwing, but without the boost, it's almost unplayable.
I crafted every modular component that should make my ship go really fast, faster than archwings and it's slower than them.


These are my three main issues, and I hope that they will be fixed for the release of Operation Scarlet Spear because I'm done runing in my mates' ships fixing every breach, repairing every electrical hazard and extinguishing every fire. 
I'm done hearing Cephalon Cy telling me what to do.


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