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Hello dear Tenno's!

Today i want to share my personal collectionsheet.

Its easy to use and clearly arranged.

You just need to put in the amount of parts you have, and it automaticaly tells you how many sets of each frame, weapon, archwing etc. you have.

Also you can ✓ everything if you have it for yourself or it will stay red if you haven't got it for yourself.

A special thing is that i linked everything on the list with the fandom wiki of Warframe. Just click on the names.

Its free to download, use and share.

------> Collectionsheet <------

If you have some suggestions how i can make it better or even more easy to manage, tell me and i will change it asap.

Also leave some comments on the doc if you find something weird or a bug or something else.

If i missed any weapon, frame or something tell me.


Greetings, your Tookie

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