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Kuva Weapons Fuse Bug? (Just a misunderstood, sorry, close it)


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I dont know if this is a bug or intended but the thing is... From what i understand, if i have a kuva Weapon A with more %damage from an element and i try to fuse it with another with lower damage bonus, i should get the Weapon A with more damage without changing element with formas and catalyst, right?

Well, i have two kuva khom, one with 54,7% toxin and the other with 46,7% magnetic.

The one with toxin has 5 formas and catalyst. If i go to that kohm and try to fuse them, i get the 60% bonus damage (This is right) but the element is switched to magnetic. And, if itry to do the fuse from the magnetic one, i get 60% toxin bonus but i lose all the formas and catalyst. So... Is this intended or is a bug? Already fuse other kuva weapons without issue but this happen now and dont know what to do.

https://imgur.com/44yiBcnComparision of status between both weapons

What i get if i start the fuse from the one with Toxin (More bonus)

And what i get if i start the fuse from the one with Magnetic (Worse bonus).

Sorry for the bad english and i couldnt put the images right away in the post from the button "Insert image from URL" dont know why.


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47 minutes ago, HIGHDAMAGE said:

that's how it works

if u fuse A & B u get A with "B" bonus

if u fuse B & A u get B with "A" bonus

if u wana keep tox ill suggest to get another  kohm lich any % would work since u already have 54.7% 

Thats weird i could swear that you could fuse different elements and still retain the old element, mmh so, not a bug only i misunderstood the system, thanks

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