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Marage crashing the game.


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-To those to read

From what's happening lately whenever I'm playing warframe doing any missions

When I play with marage for fun, helping others or solo, my game crashes early or later on in the mission.

With marage, I'm only experiencing i think its eather from her abilitys (1), (3), or both combined or something else,

it's been a really big concern to me as I dont want other players to loose progress in something important they could receive,

as during a mission,  I was doing a survival, solo on uranus to farm for relics and plumer bundle, then i lost everything from the game crashing while 4:32 from farming i though it was nothing until it happened again when I went to help my caln mates on Pluto on an excavation mission, as well as the stalkers reward as I was farming on the planet with my clanmates.

I hope no one else experiences this as it can be annoying to those to uphold, I hope for everyone to be safe out there and please do not loose something important.

    Stay safe out there Tenno 

- ♡ Wolf of Saturn 8 ♡

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