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Please Rework Exfiltration For Players During Survival So That The Whole Team Doesn't Exit When One Player Reaches It.


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If a player wants to bail out during a Survival mission, then it should just be them instead of sucking in the rest of the team when we still want to stay and fight.


Since we aren't dealing with a CD between each wave like in Defense and have the time to decide if we want to stay or go, then for Survival, that player needs to make it to the exit, successfully reaching the exit will also grant them the credit/exp bonus, but if he/she dies, when they forfeit instead of reviving themselves, they can get their rewards, but won't get their credit/exp bonus for reaching the exit alive.


And just that player will leave the game while not affecting the rest of the team who's still in the game, this way that fun factor won't be ruined so abruptly by someone who went to the exit the moment they were given the option and suddenly the game ends at the 6 minute mark.


You could force a time limit before inviting players or telling an already full squad, but one of those players will always leave early in the game anyway.



A timed goal could only be possible with clan mates since everyone has the same idea, but with pugs, it's a different story.



I also don't like the fact that you aren't rewarded the mission credits when one person decides to end the game for the rest of the team when none of us except for them are at the exit, especially when it comes to the void Survival missions.

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What if the host leaves then?

I like the idea of allowing one person to extract as sort of a "safety blanket" for those really long & tough survival runs...

When I play public games on survival (rarely), I usually call people out for leaving early and remind them of the massive ammounts of XP, resources, mods and more valuable rewards they are missing out on.

Always worked so far. *shrug*

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I can personally understand how frustrating it can be to want to go for long periods of time and one dude leaves at the 5 min mark, but at the same time I would argue that if you WANT to go 20+ minutes, you should find a team that wants to go that far.


I don't see anything wrong with swapping hosts when someone leaves, but all of these people that join a public match, then dictate the way to play (like how some people blow up when you use air @ 70% even though they only restore 30% per use) in the first two minutes on Mercury really need to stop.


People that are vocal and give people a hard time frustrate me more than people that leave early. Joining a random public match you are more or less at the mercy of matchmaking. You kinda have to go with the flow.


To the people that start fights over stupid things like air percentage, please play solo or find a group with a similar mindset. 

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