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Option to Kill Converted Lich?


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First forum post, so I apologize if it appears unrefined. But in any case...

I mistakenly converted a Lich thinking I would have the option to take the weapon while keeping the Lich. I was sorely mistaken. This is especially bad for me considering that this one had a Toxin Kuva Bramma that I wanted. So, as the title suggests, I would like there to be an option to kill a Converted Lich and claim their weapon. As there is currently not a UI to view Converted Liches (at least, to my knowledge), I would like the option to be placed there if/when such a screen is implemented. Or anywhere else it could be convenient. I would even be fine if there were some sort of cost to the action so long as it existed. This'd surely not only be helpful for me, a blundering idiot, but for anyone else who might want this option for whatever reason. Would this be possible in any capacity (or does it already exist and I just don't know)? Thank you in advance.

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55 minutes ago, -AxHx-Vile said:

You can view them in the codex, mixed up with all the liches you killed.

But yeah, no way to get rid of them atm.

What I was envisioning was a page you could tab to in the Kuva Lich menu (as opposed to the Codex, which is inconvenient and obtuse IMO) where you could easily view your Converted Liches both Grineer and eventually Corpus. And just as a draft of my solution:

  • Kuva Lich X (Grineer) <- *press*
  • Kuva Lich Y (Corpus) 

Kuva Lich X: Kuva Bramma (45% Toxin) and other relevant info (perhaps expanded Lich UI)

(Vanquish) <- *press*

Do you wish to Vanquish Kuva Lich X to obtain Kuva Bramma? Y/N (Yes)

Type Kuva Lich X's name to confirm the Vanquish: Kuva Lich X

Kuva Lich X's Kuva Bramma has successfully been sent to your Foundry.

Something like that.

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