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Update Intel Driver



I've experienced some lag and the DE told me to upgrade my video graphic driver. I'm using a laptop to play warframe, and it has Intel HD Graphics 4000 and also nVidia PhysX. I tried update driver automatically but I can't. Is there a manual way to do this on Intel? My browser can't run javawell and intel could't detect my driver. How can I update them manually?

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You need to specify the specification of your pc.


^ This one.


To OP : From what you've told, it seems that either you have only Intel HD as your GPU with software-based PhysX installed (which is unusable for most of the modern games, incl. Warframe without any Nvidia card) or you have both Intel HD and Nvidia GPU.


Regardless the setup, if you wanted to get new drivers, go to their respective website and download it. It's not that hard actually...

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