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I want to report this to DE but dont know where to put it. And I want DE to see it FAST! Copyright violation suspected



My community found a Facebook Page of a game (maybe a trash mobile gamble game) which has no any relation to Warframe or DE at all.
But what make me write this post and want DE come to see is an ads video in the page. I and many other players can see that the video literally ripping off some parts from your video, Warframe | Cinematic Intro - TennoCon 2019 (https://youtu.be/9O-yCnQKYhM), to put in the background of their video (maybe with some minor changes to avoid Copyright, I guess).


I want to report this to DE but idk where to put it in, as it is not the problem of of my game ID or the game itself. So I put it here


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