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Kuva Larvlings not showing up on Cassini, Saturn.


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Hello, this is my first time posting in the bug section so I'll keep it short.

On Cassini after capturing the capture target the screen flickers, but the kuva larvling after a while does not spawn. This happens randomly because sometimes it spawns just fine.

Solving this issue would really help speed up the process of farming kuva liches.

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5 minutes ago, sam686 said:

Lots of enemies killed fast right after screen flicker?

Some say they only spawn with lots of enemies killed within about 20 seconds after screen flicker.

Hello. I will try that. You may be right, hopefully.

Since I am going for a third Radiation Kuva Seer to upgrade the old one with, Ash will make quick work of the enemies.

Edit: after I killed quite a few enemies, it spawned. I guess this was correct.

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