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What is the difference between a rework and a revisit?


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A warframe that has one or more of their abilities either removed or combined and replaced by a new ability.


Excalibur, Limbo, Wukong, Vauban and Ember.



A warframe that receives small changes or improvements to its abilities without completely changing the ability.


Oberon, Nezha, Saryn, Nyx and Titania.


It`s starting to get irritating when ppl say rework when it`s not or someone says they want a “rework” but then turns out their ideas to be a “REVISIT”. To some extent I understand why ppl get it wrong. I blame DE, they make the rules on the meaning but don`t even follow it.

The biggest prob I have with this is when ppl give feedback and see a bunch of ppl saying rework “this frame” if DE sees the multi posts of ppl asking for a rework for a frame (but ppl really meant revisit or tweeks) if DE reads them they will give that frame a rework not realising that ppl meant revisit and ppl will get upset. That like ppl wanting Nidus to get a revisit but ppl say rework and DE dose just that, I can almost guarantee if this happen ppl would be extremely upset so please dab nabit make sure you actually know what you`re saying. (this should be pined) 




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