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Shedu, Archgun, Archwing missing animations


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Shedu & deployed Archgun reload animation



This moonwalk occurs when using the Shedu and all deployed archguns. There seems to just be no reverse or turning animation while reloading those weapons. Hopefully this isn't how it's intended to look, but his has been a thing since deployable archguns were added so idk.


Archwing missing reverse animation when in sprint or boost mode

The reverse animation when moving at high speed while in archwing works in regular archwing missions and railjack but not in the Plains of Eidolon or Fortuna. Instead, you stay in the forward sprint animation but fly straight backward in planking position. 



Shedu reload jam bug is still present when in archwing mod

In PoE and Fortuna, the Shedu will still jam while in your archwing. In archwing mod this occurs when switching to your secondary weapon. This doesn't only affect the shedu, but also causes your secondary weapon to jam and prevents you from using blink. In the video below, after I switch weapons I am trying to fire my weapon, and then when I keep descending I am trying to blink. Also, you can see at the beginning of the video that the firing animation for the shedu is also broken.


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In Archwing, try Shift+Space and Shift+Ctrl (dunno about on consoles, but probably same with sprint+jump and sprint+crouch buttons). It will basically start the same animation as you showed with flying backwards, except you'll be going up and down.

On Railljack missions this results in very strange animations.

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